Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Driver Issue Automatically

Yes you can Fix Windows 10 Blue screen driver issue automatically 

You already have tried many methods to fix Windows 10 Blue screen (driver issue automatically) error and got no success so then lets try a new method by removing all drivers and install the latest one but automatically. Snappy Driver Installer is a free open source automatically driver installer for Windows 10

Step 1 Google Snappy Driver Installer and make sure you download it from the official website only 

Step 2. Click on Snappy Driver Installer Download

Step 3. Download the SDI Lite Snappy Driver Installer 

Step 4. Extract the download and Run as administrator for x64 bit Windows 10 version run the file SDI_x64 and for Windows 10 32 bit run the SDI_R1811 

Step 5 Scan for drivers and Click on Download Indexes only

If you still need more help fix Windows 10 Blue screen driver issue automatically then watch this video