5 DIY Tips to Fix the Windows Blue Screen Error

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Driver Issue Automatically
January 26, 2020

5 DIY Tips to Fix the Windows Blue Screen Error

Troubleshoot and Fix Blue Screen by following these 5 DIY Tips. Best way to avoid Automatic Restart and fix the Blue Screen error, Windows 10 BSOD occurs.

5 DIY Tips to Fix the Windows Blue Screen Error

So Lets understand what is windows 10 blue screen error and how to read it and then fix it

When your make try to install add new hardware and install driver software, when you try to update Windows 10, some time the hardware driver may not be compatible or the new windows 10 update makes the existing hardware driver incompatible. 

Step 1 .

Windows 10 always generate  “minidump” file which can tell more in detail what is causing the blue screen error. Minidump file is located under  C:\Windows\Minidum.

You can read the minidump from software call BlueScreenView

You can also read windows 10 blue screen error from WhoCrashed

Step 2.  Whenever a blue screen error comes it will also give you an exact blue screen error code number copy that and Google it will get some of the solution 

So now you have the exact Windows 10 blue screen error code just google it for solution

Step 3. Remove the Laptop battery and swap the RAM, Hold the power button for 10 seconds and then remove the laptop battery and wait for 1 minutes and while the battery is removed again hold and press the power button for 10 seconds and now plug back the battery and see how its works if the problem still continues then swap the RAM 

Step 4. Restart the PC in SAFE MODE

If you have not added new hardware then blue screen can be from Windows 10 updates also so go back to safe mode and uninstall the windows 10 updates and temporary disable your updates 

Click on Start button settings>>update and security>>Windows Update
Move to Update history and Uninstall Update

And restart the pc now 

Step 5. Check for Driver Updates

Go to Device Manager and uninstall display drivers and restart the PC normally and let windows 10 load automatically install the drivers most of the time the cause of the problem is display drivers.

If you are still facing issue installing latest driver then you can also get all windows 10 drivers install automatically  Snappy Driver Installer just go to https://sdi-tool.org/ this will get you the latest drivers and fix lots of Windows 10 blue screen error

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